The Best Hour of the Day

What do you do with the best hour of the day?  Is it wasted time watching TV or browsing Reddit?  Sold to the highest bidder?  Here’s a (not so novel) idea: give it to yourself.  Let’s listen to some advice from Charlie:

“I said I would sell the best hour of the day to myself in order to improve myself.  Only then would I sell the rest of my time to my clients… To make a man of yourself intellectually, you need to work at it.  I don’t think even Johnny von Neumann did it naturally… if you’re a person of good cognition, you can learn a lot more if you put your mind to it.  I don’t think there’s any substitute for just sitting and thinking.”
— Charlie Munger

Much of the extraordinary results we get come from consistent incremental progress but it takes work.  You have to build habits to make it happen.  Just like most people don’t spontaneously get into the habit of exercising and eating right, most people don’t suddenly take an hour each day to improve themselves or their craft.  But if you do (and live long enough), you’ll inevitably get some extraordinary results.  So instead of giving the best hour of each day to Netflix, or YouTube, or even your job, give it to someone that matters: yourself.