Ovarian Lottery

If you are attractive, does it mean you deserve to be noticed more?
If you inherit a fortune, does it mean you deserve to be rich?
If you happen to be born in a country free of war, with a comprehensive health care system, and abundant opportunities to live a decent life, does it mean you deserve it?

On all three counts, no, not really.  Just because you happen to be given a gift, doesn’t mean you deserve it.  Warren Buffett has spoken on this topic when he popularized the term “Ovarian Lottery“, which describes how lucky we are to be winners being born in a country and place where we have opportunities to live a good life.  How comfortable would you be trading your ticket for some other random one?  Perhaps a poor child in Africa with malaria?  Or maybe a kid in Afghanistan threatened by the occasional gunfight?

We are all lucky and shouldn’t forget the fact that we are only here because we happen to be winners in the ovarian lottery.