You’d have to be living in a cave for the past 5 years to not have heard of Facebook. With over 150 million users it’s no wonder that practically everyone you know is already signed up (except for those abstaining, much respect for missing all those Facebook invites). Many flock to this popular site in order to “socialize” and fill their inherent need to connect. You can view your “friend”‘s (I use that term very loosely) profiles, send them messages and bare your soul to millions of people who are in need of “socializing” just as much as you are — at least that’s what we’d like to think.

That last point is interesting. Who really wants to share their sorrow, health problems or relationship troubles with millions of people — unless it’s in some way that makes them sound witty, detached and aloof? Facebook is just another way for people to project the image that they want people to see — not unlike in a real social situation, except easier. It’s a real simple formula: post some seemingly candid photos, gather a few smart quotes, and add “friends” as indiscriminately as possible. Next post fun, witty (or in special cases sincere) messages to your friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends… you get the point. Oh yeah, don’t forget to update your Facebook status at least every hour or else how will everyone know what you’re doing?

Not that I’m any exception. I just like to keep my “witty farts of consciousness” (editorial) to a minimum. Facebook is great for connecting with people, I just prefer to get to know people in person — call me old fashioned. So instead of wondering around aimlessly through other’s witty brain farts, I think I’ll do something more productive. Now with that, I’ve got to change my Facebook status…