“Perfection is the enemy of progress.”

Like most technical people, I find it a struggle to understand/comprehend some business-type concepts.  They’re so wishy-washy in nature.  Give me some 1’s and 0’s any day (or at least some well defined set like the Real numbers).  And perfection is one of these concepts.  A truism in business is that perfection and progress are mutually exclusive (I doubt they phrase it like that though).  If we sat around trying to figure out every eventuality for a business to be successful, we’d be here until the end of time.  Developers know this well when they ship a release.  Not every file gets commented, not every case gets tested, and definitely not every bug gets fixed.  We live in a world of imperfection and the closer we strive for perfection the less we get out of it.  The really successful people know when to stop perfecting things and move on.  And now it’s my turn.