A Players

“A players hire A players; B players hire C players; and C players hire D players.  It doesn’t take too long to get to Z.”

– Steve Jobs (taken from the Kawasaki’s Art of the Start)

Behind every great person there are other great people.  In fact, some of the most successful people are great because they know how to surround themselves with great people.

The people you associate with have a strange effect.  You inadvertently get brought to their level.  So if you’re with A players, you (consciously or not) raise your level of play to an A level.  Unfortunately, it works doubly the other way, if you’re with B players, you’re going to be brought down to a B level (or worse).  Whatever level you’re playing at, you can do better.  You can always do better.  And the first way to start is to find some A players.