“If you knew how much work went into it, you wouldn’t call it genius.”

It’s that mysterious force that seems to make the impossible real, the difficult easy, and the genius accessible.  The funny thing is that magic is only magic when you don’t know how it was done.  Once you do, it’s gone.  Forever.  And that’s why perhaps so many choose not to learn how magic works because then they can stay in their fairy tale worlds where some prince/wizard/genius will come to save the day.  That’s a nice world to live in with one caveat.  If you never know how the magic was done, you’ll never be able to make it happen.  And that, in my opinion, isn’t such a nice world.  Genius takes hard work, talent is overrated, and magic is a word people say when they don’t understand something.  Or not.  It really depends which world you’re living in.