More Options

I recently took a hands-on course in riding a motorcycle.  One recurring theme in course was giving yourself more options.  You see limiting yourself to, say only being able to emergency brake, is dangerous.  If for some reason you’re not able to stop in time, braking is definitely not the best option and it may result in an incident (a euphemism for serious injury or death).  However, with more options, you can pick and choose which action is right for the current situation.  Pothole?  No problem, swerve left.  Eminent cliff?  A cinch, emergency brake.  Attractive lady?  Easy, rev your engine as loud as possible. (Note: one of those options may not have been taught in the course.)

This idea of giving yourself more options is much more widely applicable than just to motorcycling.  It applies to everything you do.  What if you were fired from your job?  Many people only have one option, apply through websites using the good old fashioned cover letter and resume.  But say you had other options, say getting a referral from a friend, things would look very different.  Instead of getting just another job, you could be working at your dream job!  That’s a big difference from “taking advantage” of all those employment insurance deductions that you paid for.

And to think, it was all possible because you knew how to swerve instead of just brake.  There’s going to be many potholes ahead, hope you learn to swerve sooner rather than later.