How to get a lot of people to hate you

“getting a lot of people to hate you is easy — all you have to do is become really successful at doing something you love.”
Evil Plans, Hugh MacLeod

Since when did it become a crime to feel good about loving what you do (and telling people about it)?  Maybe it’s a byproduct of my stereotypical Canadian modesty but I always seem to feel guilty talking about how much I enjoy what I do.  I rarely mention that I sometimes like to just sit and think about a research problem for an entire afternoon, or how I sometimes start coding in the morning only to realize it’s dark already, or the fact that I get paid to do this!  Not to mention that I have amazingly flexible work hours, get to travel to conferences around the world, and get to work with some of the smartest people I know. (Aren’t you hating me already?)

I’m trying to shake this habit though.  I don’t want the critics and the haters to stop me from changing the world (in my own small little way) and I sure as hell don’t want them to stop me from sharing it with people.  Besides I try to keep in mind this fact: anything worth doing is always going to piss some people off — just not the ones that matter.