I’ve always thought I was incredibly lucky.  And not just in the ovarian lottery sense, but in the fact that I have somehow managed to achieve many success throughout my career.

During high school, I was lucky enough to be able to participate and rank in national chemistry and computer competitions whereas many others didn’t.  A bit later, I was lucky again when I was accepted to the University of Waterloo whereas many others got rejected.  Soon after, I was fortunate enough to receive even more luck by getting amazing co-op placements at ATI, Epson and Altera whereas many others were turned down.  If we’re just talking about odds here, it’s pretty lucky that I was able to achieve these successes when you look at all the people who were in the running.

But as any analytical mind would inquire, was this just a random string of successes? Maybe.  It’s possible that my successes at the competitions were random and not simply due to my hard work going home everyday and practicing all the previous years problems.  It’s possible that my acceptance into Waterloo was just luck and not due to the fact that my grades were incredibly strong because of the hours I spent studying and doing homework.  And of course it’s possible that I just happened to be arbitrarily placed at three great co-op jobs and not because I treated finding a job as a full time course dedicating intense amounts of time to it.  Maybe.

Luck isn’t always random and maybe the reason I was so successful was the fact that I worked every bit for my achievements.  And maybe not.  All I know is that my luck never seems to run out when I’m hard at work.