Day to day life is complicated.  It’s understandable that we can’t expect to remember everything we need to do. That’s why reminders are useful.  They help us remember to go to the dentist or about a friend’s birthday but they don’t seem to do a good job covering the really important things.  For instance, when do you ever get a reminder to evaluate if your life is on track? Or a reminder to step outside your comfort zone? These kinds of reminders are arguably even more important than the day to day ones, yet we rarely receive them.

The problem is that we all know what we should be doing.  Whether we remember and act on it is a different story.  That’s why I love to read inspirational stories, motivational speeches and witty quotes.  They all serve as reminders for how to live my life (and how NOT to live my life).  I only have one life to live and I have to make sure that I don’t miss out on the important event of all — living life.

P.S. One great reminder I found is Stuart Knight.  Check out this YouTube video of him and I think you’ll quickly find his reminders as useful as I do.