Changing Tables and Inertia

“I started to force myself to think again about what I wanted in poker, in business, in life, it was easy to get caught up and engrossed in what I was currently doing, and that made it easy to forget that I always had to the option to change tables.  Psychologically, it’s hard because of all the inertia to overcome.  Without conscious and deliberate effort, inertia always wins.”
Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh

It’s funny how much a simple game can teach you about life.  In the above quote, Tony Hsieh draws parallels between poker and business (and life).  I think everyone gets caught up in the inertia of what they’re currently doing.  Today, I have this to do; tomorrow, that; the day after, something else.  There’s always something else but the pay off may not be worth it.

As Tony mentioned in his book, the real winning decisions aren’t the ones where you decide how to play your cards, they’re the ones about which table to sit at.  And maybe the only other more important lesson that we all forget is that we always have the option to change tables.  Always.  With the only caveat being that it requires conscious and deliberate effort.  Success may not come easy, but it definitely isn’t complicated.