Two Things to NEVER do

Charlie Munger’s two things NEVER to do:

  1. NEVER feel sorry for yourself.
  2. NEVER have envy.

The first point can be restated as never have a victim mentality.  This is important to NEVER do because once you’re a victim, you no longer have control and that’s scary and depressing.  More importantly, incredibly counter-productive.  I’ve read that there was a holocaust prisoner who was about to be sent to the gas chamber but was in high spirits.  When asked how he could be so joyful, he replied that his mood was the one thing he had control of.  If he isn’t a victim, then NO ONE is a victim.

The second point is about envy.  As Charlie says, it’s the only one of the seven deadly sins you can’t have fun with.  Not only do you not have fun, it also leads to unhappiness and sorry.  And who wants that?

A funny thing happen when you listen to wise people:  Your life gets better.