Taking Responsibility

My good friend Justin sent me a link to a TED talk about an inspirational story of a woman quitting her day job and rowing across the Atlantic.  In her conclusion she has a really memorable quote that really struck a chord with me:

“It’s about taking responsibility.  For so much of my life, I wanted something else to make me happy.  I thought if I had the right house, or the right car, or the right man in my life then I could be happy.  But when I wrote that obituary exercise I grew up a little bit in that moment and realized that I needed to create my own future.  I couldn’t just wait for happiness to come and find me.” Roz Savage

I get the feeling that a lot of people are waiting for something.  I hate waiting.  I hate waiting for a table, I hate waiting for the bus and I hate waiting for my life to change.  I much prefer to make things happen.  It sometimes requires a lot more work but like I said, I really hate waiting.