Seth Godin Posts

This guy just keeps pushing out insightful stuff, I don’t know how he does it (although I do have a few suspicions).  Here are three quotes from posts in the past week that really struck a chord with me:

“The math is magical: you can pile up lots of failures and still keep rolling, but you only need one juicy success to build a career.” 
Failure, success and neither

“Isn’t it absurd to focus so much energy on ‘practical’ skills that prep someone for a life of following instructions but relentlessly avoid the difficult work necessary to push someone to reinvent themselves into becoming someone who makes a difference?”
Accepting limits

“Here’s the lesson: the ardent or insane pursuit of a particular goal is a good idea if the steps you take along the way also prep you for other outcomes, each almost as good (or better).”
One in a million