Are we stuck in High School?

The best part of college is that you could become whatever you wanted to become, but most people just do what they think they must.

Is this a metaphor? Sure. But it’s a worthwhile one. You have more freedom at work than you think (hey, you’re reading this on company time!) but most people do nothing with that freedom but try to get an A.

Seth Godin

I spent most of my life trying to get “A”s.  And I was pretty good at it too.  I think I only recently figured out that it doesn’t matter how many “A”s you get.  Real life is measured in something totally different.  In fact, the really successful people frequently aren’t the straight “A” students.  Ironically, that’s why I decided to go to graduate school.

There’s more to life than just doing a good job for your direct superior.  How to find out what it is and how to do it?  Well, that’s the tough part.  But it begins with asking yourself a few simple questions.