I’ve been woefully neglectful of updating my website (web log?).  I think my original intention for installing WordPress was to practice writing short essays around 500 words about ideas that were both on my mind and others might find interesting.  In retrospect, this was ambitious which is clear from the number of posts I’ve made in the past six months.  That’s going to change.

Here is a list of things I’ve already done:

  • Updated my About page.
  • Added a Publications page of my published papers.
  • Upgraded WordPress (sorry hackers).
  • Enabled comments.

I’ve decided that I want to update my web log regularly and my inspiration comes from two places.  The first inspiration comes from Seth Godin‘s blog which he updates on a regular basis.  He has great insights into a variety of topics and he just spits them out I presume as he thinks about them almost on a daily basis.  Producing quantity and quality aren’t mutually exclusive.  The second comes from an essay by Paul Graham about how to write a good essay.  My main takeaways were that they should be about topics you have thought a lot about and things that people will find surprising (because who wants to read about sliced bread?).  It’s great to have smart people to learn from.

So how am I going to accomplish this?  Well I recently got a Blackberry Curve 8900 and I’ve been filling the MemoPad with a bunch of random things that I happen to be thinking about.  I think this should reduce my writing time as well as ensure the quality doesn’t go down the drain.  Because I wouldn’t want to keep all the surprising and interesting things that I notice and think about to myself.  That would just be selfish…