Engineers and Technology

“We humans are actually not interested in computing, what we’re interested in is information…”
Pranav Mistry Sixth Sense TED presentation.

Sometimes it takes a genius to tell us something obvious.  Scientists, engineers and all other technical people should listen up.  People don’t care about how technology works, we just want it to work!

Your mom watching a DVD, your friend talking on an iPhone or your nephew playing with a transformer, they all have one thing in common.  They don’t care that it takes millions of man hours to build, decades of R&D or the smartest people in the world, they just want it to work.  And work well.  And that’s not an easy job because it encompasses design, advanced features, novelty and a bunch of other things but one thing it does not include is understanding, knowing or caring how it’s built.

Maybe if we engineers can get this into our heads, we can rule the world.  But until then, I’ll settle with playing with these cool devices.